The Alien Brainchild Project - The Nighttrain

2019-04-11 17:43

The Nighttrain takes you to a secret place, where you can dive into the night and with vibrant music.
It's an adventurous and fast journey to a space where you can flow with the sound, let go of the day and celebrate.
The Nighttrain makes you wanna dance and party all night long until the first train brings you back home happy from
this journey from this wonderful place. The 2nd Release from The Alien Brainchild Project with Remixes from technoscout,
Frank Kramer, DJ Schillings, ReJohn and Sir Gladis. Copyright by United Booking Records.
The Alien Brainchild Project is an Electronic Formation from Freiburg/Germany in various styles: 
House, Acid House, Deep House, Electro, Techno
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