Radio Podcast: Sonic Snares - FST'N'FWRD

2019-03-22 12:51

Sonic Snares presents his own Podcast called FST'N'FWRD Radio! He shares his personal favorites in the genres House, Electro, Tribal and Progressive on a monthly basis. 

Tracks from around the globe are mixed together to one hour of full energy!

Sonic Snares is looking for radio stations to host his monthly podcast. If interested, contact him:

Artist Bio   Sonic Snares has taken the art of DJing and introduced it to his passion for live drumming and lush, HD visuals to deliver a truly inimitable and immersive live performance. Drawing on a dynamic musical palette, from Progressive and Tribal House, to dirtier, punchier EDM and Electro, Sonic Snares has the inventory and ammunition to make any event go off. Sonic Snares, born Phil Reisinger, embodies his passion for music and live performance through this incredible and unique project.   This unique and hard-to-copy show boasts, at its core, a skilled multi-instrumentalist in Sonic Snares. His talent for live drumming - earned through nearly 20-years of professional performing and world-renowned training - allows him to trigger intense and vibrant HD Visuals on the fly and in sync with the music. Combine this with his technical prowess behind the decks, and you have an all encompassing sensory experience like no other, designed with the sole intention of throwing clubs and festivals into a frenzy.

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