elconEstharoe Album - Experimental Electronica

2019-04-09 19:08


Experimental electronica from a Greek master of the Theramin, no loops or presets are used in the creation of the elconEstharoe sonic environment. The album has already picked up a favourable review in the highly regarded Electronic Sound Magazine

Theremin Master and Synthesist  Lambro Papazois is a Greek sound designer and the man behind elconEstharoe. The Hyper-real Soundscapes of elconEstharoe are at the vanguard of experimental electronica.  Through his work with elconEstharoe, Lambro is acutely aware of his acoustic environment and in particular the natural resources around him, utilizing the biophony, anthropophony and the sacred power of sound.  From within his Sound Design Lab in the Greek City of Arta he weaves magical strands into simple yet formidable soundscapes. Rather uniquely in this age of music by numbers no loops or presets are used in the creation of the elconEstharoe sonic environment and through a combination of the natural and the surreal  Lambro delivers a comprehensive soundscape ecology with an added ‘other world’ geometric dimension. Social media links 

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